mercury6 Launches Digital Business Professionalism Workshop November 1, 2017 Colorado, US
 The mission of mercury6 is to improve how technology delivers value to the business through the development of IT professionals. Our methodology integrates personal and professional development coaching techniques with a solid foundation of business acumen to transition teams of IT people into teams of business professionals who specialize in technology; the Digital Business Professionals workshop provides the launch point for that transition. Lead coach, Pete Leiser, traveled to a client site in Colorado to deliver the workshop to a group of 25 public sector employees last week. Rocky Mountain High "This particular workshop will be the basis for all of our future TEAM and ON-STAFF engagements. We learned that team coaching results are greatly improved when the basic themes are presented to everyone at the beginning of the process. Team evaluations are more comprehensive and effective when participants have a shared perspective and leverage common terminology. Essentially, we're innovating our own processes to ensure the highest level of value delivery to our clients. We'd tested the workshop several times over the past few months - literally making a few last minute adjustments in response to changes in the client environment a couple of days prior - and to get the positive feedback that we did from a practical, real world exercise was fantastic. We're already seeing some of the expected positive results, and it's a wonderful thing to be a part of." What's one example of these positive results? "Our motto is 'simple.effective.affordable', so when evaluating results, we like to look for examples of tangible benefit. One obstacle the client had discussed during the evaluation process was time management - specifically with regards to how many meetings they have. We covered the Rules to Meeting Management in the workshop, and during a leadership coaching session the following afternoon I was informed that they'd already reduced the duration of a weekly team meeting held that morning from 60 to 45 minutes. They got the same results, they just spent less time generating those results. The workshop also discusses value projection. In this example: 52 (weeks in a year) X 15 (minutes a week) / 60 ... one simple adjustment focused on efficiency equates to 13 hours. Also, following the quantified value of time, 13 hours equates to roughly $500 per attendee; there were 5 attendees. By leveraging 1 simple concept 1 time the client could easily save 65 FTE-hours/$2,500. Doing that a few more times could easily make the entire mercury6 engagement cost-neutral. When we can quantify that the value of what we deliver exceeds the cost..., it's kind of awesome." Next steps? "Practicing what we preach: continuous improvement and innovation. We'll be reviewing our notes, the survey results and the benefits over time in Colorado to further refine the DBP workshop, and how best to design future workshops. Our plan is to have a workshop that corresponds with each of the themes of DBP so that we can provide a comprehensive series of onsite programs to compliment our foundational coaching & mentoring methodology. We've got INNOVATION and COMMUNICATION workshops slated for availability this coming January, with TIME/MEETING MANAGEMENT and TEAM & LEADERSHIP entering development over the next few weeks. 2018 promises some great things for mercury6 and her clients. We're all pretty excited."


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