mercury6 TEAM combines individual and leadership coaching within a 3-month program to develop an effective, integrated and results-driven team of DIGITAL BUSINESS PROFESSIONALSTM that - for all intents and purposes - operates like a business within the business. Your team will have a trusted, experienced resource available to guide them through personal and professional development; leveraging existing work loads and tasks to generate the immediate and enduring results that only a team of DIGITAL BUSINESS PROFESSIONALSTM can provide. mercury6PROFESSIONAL package expands the engagement so that the team has a coach who understands team objectives, personalities and capabilities virtually on-call - and who can motivate performance, outcomes and improve the culture. Take advantage of a complimentary consultation and find out if mercury6 is right for your team.



3 Months

Departmental-wide coaching access

90 minute Individual coaching sessions EOW

Monthly Team Sessions

Leadership Coaching

2 Day Onsite Digital Business ProfessionalismTM workshop & introductory sessions

Status and Progress reports






Upgrade to PROFESSIONAL w/ProAssistPLUS



Additional Onsites


starting at 3750

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