Professional and personal success are co-dependent. Personal concerns and distractions don't disappear when you are sitting at a desk. Professional concerns certainly don't evaporate on the commute home. Maintaining a "work/life" balance requires smart integration, not absolute separation. A healthy "work/life" balance is about leveraging one to offset an imbalance in the other. The key is to establish a solid and adaptable foundation at home that can support personal desires and contribute to professional ambitions. Life coaching can be beneficial. Career coaching can be beneficial. mercury6 INDIVIDUAL blends both, with a pinch of business coaching, to provide the comprehensive benefits of a renewed or refreshed sense of confidence based simply on determining what you want, where you want to be and what you'll need to do to get there. At home: Personal Finances/Budgeting Relationships Health Appearance Discipline Confidence And then, at the office: Business acumen Business relationships Business communications Professional appearance Office Politics Time and Meeting management We'll start with a free 30 minute assessment session to introduce you to your coach and to understand how and if mercury6 is right for you. We'll even throw in a free 30 minute follow up session just to make sure that there's a good fit with your coach and that you're comfortable going forward before making a commitment.


"Even well-seasoned professionals need help presenting themselves confidently when sitting on the other side of the interview desk - especially when changing careers, like I am.


Before working with mercury6, I know I bobbled a few questions.


After working with them and following their advice, I just rocked my most recent interview!


Thank you!"


TM, Iowa


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