Every Business is a Digital Business


Supplying customer demand and enabling competitive advantage in a dynamic digital economy requires people and teams capable of converting analog business requests into innovative digital business solutions.


There are various contributors to the success of any business, there is no greater contribution to any business that a team of professionals.


Well trained people and teams can do good work.


A team of professionals will do great work.


Coaching & Mentoring for Digital Business


Digital Businesses need Digital Business Professionals.


Digital Business Professionals understand that their business partners rely on them.  They communicate in business terms.  They are confident that they can turn opportunities into solutions.


Digital Business Professionals level their "work/life" balance to ensure a consistent business-oriented comprehension and focus.


They look and act like real business professionals, because that's what they are.


They look like real business people and behave like real business people - because they are the type of business


Digital business needs them to be.


Professionalism is About Behavior.


Behavior relates to how someone does something - not necessary on what is being done.


Writing an email, or managing a project, is a what.  Value to the business is determined not on the act, but on how the message was communicated  - or how a project was managed.


It's also how a business operates, which ultimately determines success.


A business that operates professionally is business that runs clean.


Unfortunately, professional behavior - like any other behavior -  is not something that can be trained.  It must be mentored.  It must be coached.


Welcome, to mercury6 - professional development coaching and mentoring for digital business.

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