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 DIGITALBUSINESS NEEDS DIGITAL BUSINESS PROFESSIONALS The historic focus of Information Technology has been on technical abilities, with aspects of professionalism evaluated during the interview process; and unless an issue arises, professional development may become an after-thought. In many businesses, there is a gap between technical skills and professionalism. It's within this gap where a business' bottom line and ability to deliver value is most vulnerable. While every department has vulnerabilities within this gap, real or perceived, none more so than Information Technology. And while every business has some variation of performance review or developmental planning, few of those programs have generated consistent, positive results. Business leaders recognize the value in experience, organizational awareness and truly developing in-house talent. They also understand that retention is much more cost-effective than turn-over, and are converting much of their training or human resources budgets into investment portfolios. Several Fortune 500 companies are replacing legacy professional development programs with coaching or mentoring programs. As a result, they are seeing improved employee performance and delivering substantially more comprehensive business benefit at comparable or lower costs. /////// Truly and effectively improving employee performance and delivering substantially more comprehensive digital business benefit from information technology requires a professional development program specifically designed for the people in information technology. /////// mercury6 We have the talent, the experience and the methodology designed specifically to transform a group of IT people who support your business into a team of Digital Business Professionals who will combine business acumen with technology to produce brilliant business results and enable the success of your digital business with the ability to convert analog requests into digital solutions. Simply. Effectively. Affordably.

Professionalism Begins at Home


Professionalism Begins at Home


Professional and personal success are co-dependent.


Personal concerns don't disappear behind a desk.


Professional concerns don't evaporate on the commute home.


Maintaining a healthy "work/life" balance requires intelligent integration.


The key is to establish a solid, adaptable foundation at home that can support personal desires and contribute to professional ambitions - and an equally adaptable and solid professional profile that can enable success at home.


mercury6 can help establish that balance and (more importantly) provide the guidance and accountability to keep it going.


Leadership Means More Than Just Being in Charge


Leadership Means More Than Just Being in Charge


mercury6 LEADERSHIP coaching demonstrates the differences between being in charge and being an effective, innovative and influential leader (there's another level, but we'll talk about that more during sessions).


Change the dynamic from managing or supervising staff to leading, motivating and mentoring a traditional, self-managed or hybrid team.


With either the included ProAssist, or a ProAssistPLUS upgrade, we can partner with potential, entry-level, experienced, even executive leadership to develop the dynamic leadership profile that will deliver benefits to any digital business - as well as benefits to the personal profile.



Trusted Resource, On-Call, On-Site*, On-Mission


One of the most valuable assets to any business is the project manager.


But, there will be times when even the most experienced PM, or project team, could benefit with outside experience and perspective.


Think of Project Coaching as project management augmentation - even when the project isn't a project (ie - Strategy/Vision development).




Trusted Resource, On-Call


ProAssist - for any of those times when having a trusted, experienced resource available as a sounding board, proof reader, editor, ghost writer, presentation coach or test audience could be the difference between getting it done and getting done well.


Extend the availability of your mercury6 resource with an upgrade to ProAssistPLUS


mercury6 ON-STAFF

Integrated Coach/Mentor


Even the best performing teams and leaders are subject to the effect of resource limitations and the self-defense mechanisms of the status quo.


Getting from a frustrating legacy operational efficiency to an optimized operational efficiency that delivers consistent value to the business often requires a shift in culture and changes i perspectives and the ways things have always been done.


mercury6 ON-STAFF provides a consistent, experienced resource that can seamlessly and virtually integrate into the team dynamic to guide change, encourage positive modifications in behaviors, and to ensure traction and forward momentum.


mercury6 WORKSHOPS

Full or Half Day Sessions to Reshape, Refocus the Team


Jump-start professional development with a full or half-day mercury6 workshop.  Either with a standard lay-out or customized to fit a particular team or environment.


We recommend starting with DIGITAL BUSINESS PROFESSIONALISM, then continuing on with any of our theme workshops, coming in JAN2018




Or, sign up for an on-site work session if there's a particular concern that demands a solution.







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No business can survive without its community.


We and our clients are no different.  Beginning JAN2018, every engagement agreement will include a donation to a charity, local to the client.


Our 2018 goal is $10,000 in charitable giving.


Watch this space as we update our progress.

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