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IT UPGRADE CHECKLIST: Hardware a Software a People .... ?

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Business is evolving digitally. To be the future leaders and influencers, Information Technology professionals and teams must evolve as well. Evolving "IT people" into "Information Technology Professionals" - those who are a recognized contributer to the business - requires more than training, good intentions and hope. Developing professionals requires a focus on behavior. Behavior is not something that can be trained. Behavior must be coached.
 The Future of IT is in Professional Development
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 Even well-seasoned professionals need help presenting themselves confidently when sitting on the other side of the interview desk - especially when changing careers, like I am. Before working with mercury6, I know I bobbled a few questions. After working with them and following their advice, I just rocked my most recent interview! Thank you! T.M. - Iowa My experience with mercury6 has been amazing. With their guidance, I'm a much better leader and employee performance has hit new heights. GL - TEXAS