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To get from legacy operational efficiency to optimized operational efficiency will require a shift in culture and consistent, effective leadership to nurture that shift.


Even the best performing teams and leaders are subject to the effect of resource limitations.  There never seems to be enough people, time and/or money.


Or experience.


Cultural modification techniques aren't always intuitive - and rarely taught.  To realize the business benefits on the other side of the cultural status quo (without making a mess of things) requires experienced - but necessarily obvious - guidance.


mercury6 is able to help by providing an experienced resource to senior leadership who can assist in developing a comprehensive plan designed to shift a legacy culture into a professional culture quickly, effectively and affordably - and, without making a mess.



Our HALO (High Altitude, Low Opening) package provides a mercury6 resource to support team objectives and development; always available (virtually or onsite*) and always prepared to drop in when called upon.


Your mercury6 resource will seamlessly integrate within the environment; a residual influence who provides coaching (life, career, business, leadership) and mentoring throughout the team - or organization - to promote positive, enduring cultural change via consistent, comprehensive professional development, mission reinforcement and plan execution.


Additionally, HALO provides senior leadership with continual status/progress updates and assessments.


Take advantage of a complimentary consultation for more detail on how mercury6 HALO works, and if HALO can work for you.


Since every environment is different, each HALO engagement is negotiated and customized.  For reference, below is a typical engagement structure.



* Single/Multiple Day Onsites are scheduled during service agreement configuration.  Additional onsites are subject to additional cost - dependent on location and duration.

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Integrate a professional development coach and mentor into your team.








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