John Glenn 1921 - 2016

A fundamental concept of this organization is to inspire people to broaden their perspectives, dream beyond their realities and achieve things once thought unachievable. Reflecting that concept within our name was vitally important. During our development process, former astronaut John Glenn passed away. For many years, Glenn and his wife lived in Grandview Heights, Ohio - a suburb of Columbus - and was a neighbor of one of our founders: Pete Leiser. Pete recalled his elementary school days when Glenn, then a US Senator, would stop into classrooms and tell stories of his days with NASA - delighting and inspiring Pete, his classmates, the teachers and anyone else in the room. For an 8 year old kid, getting a first hand account of orbiting the earth was nothing short of magical. Pete and his friends would often see Glenn jogging through Grandview. Glenn would always provide a wave to the kids or take a few minutes to field a swarm of familiar questions from an excited group of young boys. "Anyone who's ever warned against meeting their heroes, never met John Glenn" Pete said.
 In 1962, Glenn became the first American to orbit the earth. The rocket which launched his FRIENDSHIP-7 capsule was named: MERCURY-ATLAS-6 With a nod to a man who inspired a nation in the 60's, a young man in the 70's and who continues to be a source of inspiration, we shorted the name of what propelled Glenn into history: mercury6


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