PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT & SMALL BUSINESS COACHING Professional development is not a complicated concept. It requires a vision, a mission, a plan, discipline and a desire to realize improvement. Professional development also requires a coach. When people, teams and small businesses work independently, they can accomplish a lot; but, can be hampered by any number of limitations. Partnering with a coach can help recognize, understand and overcome those limitations. mercury6 leverages a proprietary blend of life, career and small business coaching that produces enduring, high value results based on the accelerated growth of the individual.
mercury1 Individual Professional Coaching The comfort and predictability of the status quo - good or bad - is alluring and can easily prevent a fuller appreciation of ourselves and life: personally and professionally. That's where mercury6 comes in. Your coach will work with you to understand what you're looking to achieve, what may be holding you back - what advantages might you be overlooking, then help you develop an actionable plan to realize that vision. Along the way, your coach will provide support, encouragement, guidance and accountability so that you stay true to your plan. As the plan progresses and successes realized, the personal life improves. Imagine going to work and coming home feeling good about yourself, your life and your future.
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Small Business Coaching Small business is the life blood of the American economy. Being a small business ourselves, we get it. For many, small business is the embodiment of the American dream. Small business owners are smart, brave and thrive on independence. It's the independence which can be the most troublesome. Group think or self-doubt can cloud vision, dilute the mission or otherwise distract from generating positive (and lucrative) business results. Where can you turn to for guidance, sanity checks or a sounding board to ensure focus, creativity and discipline? Contact mercury6  SMALL BUSINESS Process Improvement Employee Relations Financial Projections Business Planning PROFESSIONAL PRESENCE Attitude Awareness Business Etiquette Confidence BUSINESS RELATIONSHIPS Building Influence Expanding perspectives Internal 360 relationships Customer/Client relationships
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9am - 5pm central: 773-332-7702

CONTACT We encourage you to reach out to us to answer any questions you might have, discuss if coaching might be right for you, your team or your small business or schedule a free consultation. If you would like to request a quote, please use the our REQUEST A QUOTE link.  CONTACT


mercury6 launched in 2016 with the mission of delivering high value professional and personal results to individuals, teams and small businesses, quickly and affordably. We were inspired by the childhood acquaintance of one of our founders and MERCURY astronaut John Glenn. That he - and those who supported him - were able to accomplish what was once thought to be only in the realm of the fantastic is a testament to the strength of individuals and teams. We were also inspired by the opportunity to blend life and career coaching with decades of professional experience to take good people, teams and small businesses and make them great. Our proprietary methodology is focused on the development of the individual as the foundation from which any professional success is based. Our programs then integrate the strong, confident individual with the larger team or business; providing the necessary encouragement and accountability. We are confident that what we do will work for you and are committed to coaching you, your team or your small business to envision what success looks like and being that trusted resource to help you realize that vision.